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Mortgage Calculator

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Welcome to our mortgage calculator. This tool is to used just as a basic reference, however it does not replace a formal evaluation from a financial advisor.

General Remarks:

The minimum down payment accepted by Polish banks is 10%. However in order to have a better interest rate we recommend making it at least 20%.

If you currently don’t have the 20% in cash you can get it from a parallel loan.

Interest rate:

Considering a 20% down payment the average interest rates in Poland is of 3.5%

The mortgage interest rate consists of the sum of the WIBOR 3M (Variable market rate) and the Bank’s margin (Usually fixed rate).

Consider that if your initial payment is less than 20% then the interest taken by the bank might be considerable higher.

Private Mortgage Insurance:

Also known as Insurance Premium or in other cases charged as Arrangement Fee. It can range between 0-5%, being 2% the most common. However depending on the down payment and the bank chosen this fee might need to be paid in cash, added to the mortgage or not paid at all.


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