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FAQ - Renting

Most frequent asked questions and answers about renting



All the process can be completed before hand so that when you arrive you come directly to your new home.

You won’t have to stay in the hotel and look for an apartment when you get to Wroclaw.​


1. You choose the apartment you like.

2. We confirm availability.

3. We share with you the leasing agreement so you can review it.

3. Booking agreement is signed.

4. Leasing agreement is signed.

5. Booking fee and the deposit are paid via wire transfer.

6. You arrive and get the keys.

In person:

It works the same way as remotely with the only difference that we can schedule a visit to the apartment.

Yes. We only cooperate with landlords that either speak English or have a manager who does.

If you decide to cancel one month in advance or more you’ll receive 50% back. If you decide to cancel less than a month in advance you’ll receive 20% back.

The booking is confirmed once the leasing and booking agreements are fully signed. And the booking fee and deposit payments have been completed.

We usually recommend doing the booking of an apartment about 1-2 months in advance. It could be done earlier in some cases but usually flat owners don’t do reservations for more than a couple months in the future.

The reason of this is that there is a big demand for apartments in Wrocław and landlords usually find tenants in matter of weeks.

Yes. You’ll receive the agreement in both English and Polish. The English version is a direct translation of the Polish one. However only the Polish one is legally binding in Poland.

Don’t worry we won’t charge you anything for a cancelled booking and we’ll assist you on finding your other options.

In most cases this is possible however it should be confirmed with the landlord. An additional fee might apply.


Yes. We only cooperate with landlords that either speak English or have a manager who does.

Yes. You’ll receive the agreement in both English and Polish. The English version is a direct translation of the Polish one. However only the Polish one is legally binding in Poland.


The booking fee is a fee for Flats in Wrocław is as follows:

10 Months or less:
Number of months * one month rent * 10%.

More than 10 months:
One month rent 

The monthly rent should be paid directly to the landlord at the beginning of each month to the bank account specified in the leasing agreement.

Yes. Its standard in Poland to pay a refundable deposit to the landlords at the beginning of the leasing. Usually ranging between 1 to 2 month’s worth of rent. If you pay the rent on time every month including bills, don’t damage the property of its components and stay the minimum amount of time agreed on the leasing contract then at the end of your stay you’ll receive the deposit back.

This will depend on how the landlord requests it. Usually you will pay a fixed amount every month together with the rent. Then at the end of the year or when you decide to leave the apartment. The landlord should let you know if the total amount for the bills was higher or lower. If it was higher you should pay the difference, otherwise the landlord should give you the difference back.

In other cases the landlord will provide you the bills on a monthly or quarterly basis for you to pay them.

About Us

Flats in Wrocław is the leading real estate agency for foreigners in this magical city. We make sure to collaborate only with professional and experienced landlords that manage some of the very best apartments in the city.

You can find us at:
Rzeźnicza 28/31, 50-130 Wrocław. Please make sure to make an appointment since we spent most of our time showing properties.

You can also reach us via phone: +48 885 570 041

Or email:


If you damage the interiors of the apartment being that the walls, floor, tiles, etc. or if you damage its furniture or other equipement. The landlord will deduct the cost of repairs or replacements from the deposit.

If the deposit is not sufficient to cover such expenses then the landlord will request you to pay the difference.

In cases or major damages to the property and/or building the landlord’s insurance company usually covers the damages.

Yes, however you might lose the deposit. Please read the conditions in the leasing contract referring to moving out earlier.

FAQ - Buying

Most frequent asked questions and answers about renting


Yes. However special requirements may apply.

In general if you buy an apartment that is not directly touching the ground and/or has a garden. Then the purchase process is very straight forward.

Its important to consider than in many cases the purchase is for the right of use of the apartment for an indefinite period of time (or very very long one).

In case you want to buy a house or apartment with garden. A special request to the polish authorities needs to be approved.

No. It is not necessary. However when signing an agreement we recommend you to come with someone who you trust and is fluent in Polish or to hire a sworn translator to help you out with the documentation.

Usually only the polish version of an agreement is legally binding in Poland.

New Apartments or Houses

Usually the reservation is done by signing a pre-agreement and paying a reservation fee to the developer. It usually ranges between 5,000 and 10,000 PLN or in some other cases a 5-10% of the value of the property.

If the property is ready and you want to pay in cash, then you can usually skip the reservation part and sign the purchase agreement right away.

The keys will be provided to you after the final contract is signed and the full payment of the apartment is completed.

The final agreement needs to be signed after the apartment building is completed since the local authorities won’t consider it as an apartment building until it is finalized and inspected.

Absolutely! If the construction is already safe (and open) for visits, just schedule with us an appointment and we’ll take you there for a tour.

You can buy as many as you want. =)

If you buy several appartments from the same construction company we can usually negotiate a better price per square meter.

It all depends if you buy the apartment in cash or if you need a bank loan.

If you buy it cash it can take just a couple of days if the apartment is ready. If the apartment is under construction then the process will be extended until it is finished and the keys delivered.

If you require a bank loan, the process usually takes about 3 months if the apartment is ready. If it is still under construction then it’ll last until it is finished plus couple weeks.

No. There is no commission for new apartments since the construction companies pay us for helping them finding clients.

However we must introduce you to them first. If you already sent them an inquiries or met them. Then we cannot assist any further.

It all depends on the developer. But the most common here in Poland is to deliver them in “Developer standard”, which means walls painted white, all electric and plumbing behind walls and floor completed, windows installed, exterior flooring installed, heating installed, main door installed and in some cases AC installed if applicable.

Usually the construction companies will require you to pay them in PLN. Therefore we strongly recommend you to talk with your bank and determine in which ways you’ll spend the less in currency conversion fees and wire transfer frees.

Second Hand Apartments or Houses

In general the process is very similar and usually faster since the property is not yet under construction?

Yes. For second hand properties we charge a 2% commission over the total value of the property.

We do our best to evaluate the conditions of the property based on our experience. However if you want to be entirely sure we recommend you hiring an independent evaluator.


Yes. We cooperate with some of the best financial advisory companies in Poland. You’ll be guided on to which bank loans are the best for you. You’ll see what are the interest rates comparatively and all the paper work will be handled by experts.

This service is free of cost for you. The bank pay us a commission for working with them. And you’ll choose the one that offer you the best terms.

We can help you analyze different bank loan offers from the most important and reliable banks in Poland. You’ll see a comparative of interest rates, payment periods and other conditions so that you choose the best one for you.

This service is free of cost.

Yes as long as both of you live and work in Poland. Or if you work abroad and earn in either: USD, GBP, SEK or NOK.

Usually yes. However depending on the bank special conditions  and/or fees may apply.

Yes. But with a limited number of banks. Also you should be earning in one or more of the following currencies:

It depends on the bank you are requesting the bank loan to. However it is usually a minimum of 10%.

However we recommend paying minimum 20% down payment for getting better interest rates.

It usually varies between 10 to 30 years. Some banks accepting lower times and others a maximum of 25 years.

What exactly will happen will depend on the bank. But generally speaking if you stop paying your mortgage and cross a specific deadline specified in  your loan agreement. Then you would lose the property and may even need to pay an additional fee.

Finishing works and furnishing

We collaborate with the best and well recognized interior finishing companies in Poland. Their wide experience and great taste for design is widely know in the industry.

Working with finishing companies is highly recommended. Because even though they are pricier than hiring workers yourself. It is very common in Poland that independent workers let down their clients, do un professional work or even disappear. So you might as well prefer to have the guarantee that the work will be completed as requested and in time.

Just let us know and we can schedule a meeting for you to know the offering.

If you want, yes. It all depends on you.

You can choose from the furniture offered by the finishing company or choose it yourself.

The entire process from the first meeting to the completion of the apartment usually takes between 3-5 months.

First we’ll meet and you’ll see all the options available for you. Then if you are convinced about a certain offer, then a start date is defined, you’ll sign the agreement and proceed with the initial payment.

Once the finishing works will start, you’ll have to deliver a copy of your apartment to the construction representative and then wait for the works to be completed.

Yes. All our partners have very talented interior designers as well as workers, architects, electricians, plumbers, etc. So that they can deliver very satisfactory results.

Other questions

Short answer: No.

However, foreigners may apply for a temporary residence card if they prove that there are other (than those specified in the Act) important circumstances justifying their application for a permit, and that these circumstances warrant the alien’s need to reside on the Polish territory for a period longer than 3 months.

Accordingly, the application for a temporary permit can be explained by the fact that a person owns a property in Poland, lives in Poland and has tied their life with this country. Please note that the voivodship office can always demand presentation of additional documents proving the close ties with Poland. The final decision on permit issuance is made by the voivode, who assesses whether the ownership of real estate by a foreigner is a sufficient basis to grant him or her a residence permit.

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